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     The Journey to Wholeness in Christ

A 40 day devotional book to becoming whole by Signa Bodishbaugh

Chosen Books / Journey Press, 5th printing

  $16, including postage

In German:  Unterwegs Zum Neuen Menschen

In Dutch:  Op Weg Naar Heelheid In Christus

In Czech:  Putovani za celistosti v Kristu

Illusions of Intimacy

Unmasking Patterns of Sexual Addiction, understanding God’s “Sense of Being” for each of us, and bringing deep healing to those who Struggle

by Signa Bodishbaugh

Sovereign World Publishing

$19, including postage

In German:  Die Grosse Illusion

In Dutch:  Intimiteit

12 CD Album:  The Journey to Wholeness in Christ Conference

by Conlee and Signa Bodishbaugh, recorded live from conferences

Includes lectures and ministry on:  Intimacy with God, Confession and Forgiveness, Holy Spirit, True Masculine and True Feminine, Symbol and the Imagination, Garden of the Heart,

Sense of Being, Misogyny, Pornography, Renouncing Idol Gods, and Strengthening the Will

$70, including postage


7 CD Album:  When God Speaks… conference – A contemporary study of Torah

by Signa Bodishbaugh

$40, including postage 


Holy Spirit CD

by Signa Bodishbaugh

A Biblical teaching on the Gift to all believers

$12, including postage 


Kingdom of God CD

by Signa Bodishbaugh

$12, including postage 


Heaven, the City of God CD

by Signa Bodishbaugh with music by Kirk Dearman

a Biblical message for those who are dying or grieving

$12, including postage 


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