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  1. Maggie Beckjord

    My love for people who were also a different skin color, came from sitting beside ‘Laura’, a black woman who would come once a week to iron our clothing. My mom worked in the afternoons and evenings – I saw very little of her — but Laura would let me sit beside her while she worked. I remember discovering that John F Kennedy had been shot, while sitting beside the ironing board with Laura.

    Therre would be riots that would break out in the halls of my high school in the years that would follow — violence; but the experience I had with Laura would remain a part of me. I was not surprised to discover that the riots had been incited by activists from outside of the school that I attended. The violence was frightening, but I learned that I could only know a perosn – one person at a time.

    I imagine growing up in the south would make Help a powerful book. So challenging when our stories do not reveal the hero within, so real!

  2. Maggie Beckjord

    I forgot to say I grew up in Kentucky and the school was a part of the Underground Railroad, very near the Ohio River. Our deepest tragedies came from the division in the families, we did not share the same views regarding race and hatred. Maggie


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